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GOURMONDO: Now that's how

How to make engaging product explainer formats? A creative, and a classic, approach.

The challenge

Building an brand-image of niche connoisseur  (gourmet) across platforms through various Product Explainer formats.

The campaign

Featured here:

(l) a cross-promotional SoMe brand-partnership creative video.

(r) a straight-forward and engaging video-short.

The results

SoMe following (FB 30%, IG 500%) and page-traction grew rapidly.

Campaign Format : 2 Minute Product Explainer Video

Platform: Website Shop, Facebook & Instagram

Goal: Gain followers through cross-promotion with Brand Partner of Product. 

Campaign Format : 1,5 Minute Product (Preparation) Explainer

Platform: Website Shop, Facebook & Instagram

Goal: Motivate clients to try product, building confidence and brand-image.

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