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GOURMONDO: We deliver delight

Cross-platform storytelling to generate brand awareness.

The challenge

To build trust by bridging the gap between your local bakery and on-line food shopping.

In a German landscape - where cash = king and on-line shopping is less happening.

The campaign

Cross-channel visual campaign, showing the faces behind the on-line shop: the craftsmanship of the gourmet world.

Featuring well-known and respected brands.

The results

Youtube - 90% full audience retention; almost all viewers watched video Ad until the end.

Part 1: commercials

Platform: Youtube & Facebook

Goal: customer acquisition through targeted paid campaigns

Weingut Knewitz, Rheinhessen: Gourmondo Unterwegs
Craft Bier Brauerei Crew Republic im Porträt. Gourmondo Unterwegs.
Im Tölzer Kasladen: Arbeit eines Käse-Affineurs. Gourmondo Unterwegs
Die Geschichte vom guten Kaviar. Gourmondo Unterwegs

Part 2: Mini-docus

Platform: in-shop / mid sales-funnel

Goal: garnering trust and adding value during shopping process

Part 3: Photo spin-off

Platform: Facebook & Instagram

Goal: reminders of 'our heroes',

those trusted and popular brands

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